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Soul Clearing With Audrey (45 minutes Personal Session) @ 228A Upper Thomson Road

Soul Clearing With Audrey (45 minutes Personal Session) @ 228A Upper Thomson Road

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Transform Your Inner World with a Soul Clearing Session 

Do you ever feel weighed down by invisible burdens, like something is holding you back from true happiness and fulfillment?

It's time to explore the power of Soul Clearing.

Soul clearing is a profound practice that goes beyond the physical and dives deep into your inner world.

It identifies and releases negative energies, emotional blockages, and past traumas that cloud your spirit.

Imagine shedding layers of old, stagnant energy and stepping into a new sense of freedom and clarity.

Through gentle techniques, soul clearing helps you reconnect with your true self. Feel the weight lift off your shoulders as you embrace a renewed sense of peace, purpose, and inner harmony.

Whether you're seeking to heal from past wounds, overcome current challenges, or simply elevate your spiritual journey, soul clearing offers a pathway to profound transformation.

Experience the joy of living with a clear, vibrant soul that radiates positivity and light.

Embark on your soul-clearing journey today and unlock the door to your most authentic, empowered self.

Audrey offers soul clearing sessions designed to identify and clear the repeating patterns that bring us to the same impasses time and time again.

This method delves into the subconscious mind and soul records to release discordant, limiting patterns, ideas, and beliefs, and to restore the potential for healthy, supportive patterns and thoughts.

What is Soul Clearing?

Soul clearing is a powerful technique that:

Identifies and Clears Repeating Patterns:

Helps dissolve the patterns underlying physical problems and emotional blocks.

Researches Subconscious Mind and Soul Records:

Finds and releases discordant, limiting patterns, ideas, and beliefs.

Restores Healthy Patterns and Thoughts:

Facilitates the establishment of supportive and positive patterns.

Benefits of Soul Clearing-

This process provides a transformative way to change the landscape of your inner and outer lives, enabling you to live more freely and fully.

It creates the conditions necessary for healing and life transformation, addressing and clearing the unconscious drives behind:

- Vows, Contracts, and Agreements:

Resolves outdated vows, contracts, and agreements from your soul's history.

- Curses and Spells:

Clears any curses or spells you may have accrued.

- Challenges in Finances, Career, and Creativity:

Removes blockages hindering prosperity and creativity.

- Relationship Issues:

Addresses and heals relationship challenges with siblings, parents, partners, children, and colleagues.

- Self-Esteem and Confidence Issues:

Enhances self-esteem, confidence, and self-image.

- Health Issues:

Assists in healing persistent and acute conditions and recurring physical patterns.

- Past Life Issues:

Resolves past life issues carried into the present.

How Does It Work?

With your consent, Audrey can access and interpret your energy field and Soul Record with high levels of accuracy.

Audrey collaborates with Angelic Councils, Ascended Masters, Higher Realms, and Archangels to explore and clear blocks, dysfunctional patterns, and limiting beliefs.

This process also seeds new expansive patterns that accelerate consciousness expansion and body evolution.

Audrey’s soul clearing sessions provide a powerful and accurate way to transform your life, enabling healing and profound life changes.

Through her compassionate approach and connection to higher realms, Audrey helps you achieve greater freedom, fulfillment, and alignment with your true self and make your wishes come true.


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