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"When I went for my first reading with Audrey, I was looking forward to a generic angel reading. But it ended up being a powerful healing session as she was able to connect with my mum who passed on suddenly, after being in a coma for 3 months. I was able to experience a sense of closure after all those months. Her readings are accurate and I always feel a sense of “rightness” at her sessions."


"Audrey teaches courses in various forms of Angel therapy but manages to stay grounded in reality effortlessly. I appreciate her undramatic approach to all things spiritual and her genuine humility. Most importantly, she truly believes in the divinity of her own students and never exalts herself as above anyone she teaches even though she is a gifted teacher herself. I have learnt a lot from her and hope to continue to do so."


"Audrey is our spiritual teacher, good friend and a valuable advisor for our family over the years. We have attended several of her course she has conducted and we shall never forget the experience we have encountered, the messages she channeled for us thru the ARCHANGELS. She is a great healer who keeps in touch of her students by organising ANGEL CIRCLE gatherings and outdoor excursions. She is simply the most divine teacher who treats every beings as one and she brings to you a wealth of spiritual knowledge you would ever dream of..breathtaking classes that you must attend.."


Audrey is my superstar spiritual teacher.  She has lovingly guided me in my newfound spiritual journey in so may ways. Her readings are insightful and enlightening; her classes are wondrous and masterful. Every moment with Audrey is like spending every loving minute with a beautiful Earth Angel. You will experience a whole new cosmic level of existence; one that will always remain special in your heart.  Thank you Audrey... for helping me see the Light."
Knowing Audrey is the best thing that had ever happened to me this year. Audrey have given me the empowerment to create miracles in my life. This year has been fantastic for me as I see the positive transformation in me. She is a great teacher and friend who never fails to guide and support me. I look forward to attending more of her classes and applying what she had taught me to help others around me. Thank you Audrey for your love and guidance!
The Alchemy Angel and Angelic Guidance classes taught by Audrey, have enlightened me on how to reach out to get help from the Archangels for certain specifics in my life.  The techniques on how to reach out to the Archangels to ask for my "earth rights", are both enlightening and new discoveries in my life which I never knew I could do that to achieve my "earth goals".  Through such daily practices, I have become more calm and stable that my "earth rights" are being heard and will be answered in due course."
I'm someone who fear and get anxious quite often, which blurred my perspective, lost my way and forgotten the big picture.  
One day I chanced upon Audrey's website and thought why not give it a shot.  In the workshop, I was introduced to Archangels.  Being a skeptical person, Angels and Fairies are all fantasies.  Since I'm a Buddhist, I'm concerned if this workshop clashes with my Buddhist practice, Audrey ensured me that her workshop is not about religion.  After a few sessions, I started to understand more about higher realms, chakras clearing, healing methods and the use of crystals, I'm grateful to Audrey for helping to unlock my blockages and enlighten me the existence of Archangels and they are always with us.
Thru Audrey's workshop, I also learnt how to get connected with the Archangels and our spiritual Master.  By understanding more about higher realms, it further enhanced my Buddhist practice and meditation. I'm now more grounded and spiritually balanced.  When I encounter problems or doubt, I just need to turn on my "WIFI" and get connected with the Archangels for help and directions.
I'm grateful to Audrey for her guidance and sharing, she helped me get to the root cause of my fear and lack of self worth.  Audrey, I can't thank you enough....    
- Love, Ara Lim ❤