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Space Clearing Session for Home and Office / Business with Audrey

Space Clearing Session for Home and Office / Business with Audrey

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Space Clearing for Home or Business with Audrey

Are you feeling weighed down by stagnant energy in your home or business?

Do you sense an unseen presence or simply want to refresh and elevate the atmosphere?

Join Audrey for a transformative Space Clearing session designed to revitalize your environment and create a sanctuary of peace and positivity.

What You Can Expect from a Session with Audrey:

1. Energetic Insight and Clarity
- Gain deep insights into the current energy state of your space.
- Identify areas with dense or stagnant energy that need special attention.
- Audrey’s clairvoyant gifts allow her to see beyond the physical, identifying deeply rooted problems.

2. Purification Ritual with Sacred Smoke
- Clear away old imprints and residual negativity.
- Release any low-level entities and lost souls, sending them to the light for peace and resolution.
- Address remnants from previous occupants and imprints on walls and floors.

3. Harmonic Vibration Tuning
- Harmonize the energy of your space with the soothing vibrations of a Tibetan singing bowl.
- Elevate the overall frequency, creating a balanced and serene atmosphere.
- Address aura leakage and drain of the space.

4. Illumination with Light
- Introduce warmth and light to dispel darkness and negativity.
- Symbolize purity and positivity, filling every corner with radiant energy.
- Transform heavy negative energy hovering in the space.

5. Energy Blessings to Refresh & Revitalize
- Refresh and uplift your space with the revitalizing with special step with water blessing
- Remove any lingering negative energy and replace it with joyful, positive vibes.
- Cleanse and refresh the aura of the space on deeper levels beyond the physical.

6. Vibrational Elevation
- Elevate the vibrational energy, ensuring a high-frequency environment.
- Promote a harmonious and balanced space, perfect for thriving in both home and business settings.
- Enhance the overall energy flow and stability of the space.

7. Crystal Alignment and Sacred Sealing
- Align and balance the energy of your space with the power of healing crystals.
- Seal your environment with sacred symbols for lasting protection and divine harmony.
- Ensure long-lasting positive energy and protection for your space.

Transform Your Space

Audrey’s Space Clearing sessions are more than just a ritual—they are a journey to transform your space into a sanctuary of light, love, and prosperity.

By addressing and clearing old imprints, releasing low-level entities, and aligning the energy, Audrey helps you create an environment that supports your highest good.

Benefits of Space Clearing with Audrey:
- Enhanced Well-being: Feel lighter, more energized, and at peace.
- Increased Prosperity: Attract abundance and positive opportunities.
- Protection and Harmony: Enjoy a safe and balanced environment, free from negative influences.

With 2 decades of practice, Audrey is expert and passionate in this special work.

Audrey’s clairvoyant gifts allow her to see beyond the physical and deeply cleanse the space of any issues, including remnants from previous occupants, imprints on walls and floors, aura leakage, and heavy negative energy.

The aura of the space is cleansed and refreshed on deeper levels, ensuring a harmonious and thriving environment.

Whether you’re looking to refresh your home or invigorate your business, Audrey’s Space Clearing sessions provide the perfect solution.

Experience the profound impact of a cleansed and harmonized space, and step into a brighter, more vibrant future.

**Book Your Session Today!**

Subject to arrangement. 
Fee: Depending on the size of space

Full Payment must be made 1 week before appointment.

Cancellation policy: $200 cancellation fee or 10%, whichever is higher, this fee will be deducted from the full payment made prior. 

NO Personal Readings/Channeling/Mediumship included. 

To enquire/book, please call us at 6451-3418 during office hours (3-9pm on weekdays, 1-7pm on weekends) Whatsapp 8498-7653

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