Terms & Conditions


Please take note that we require 100% payment before workshop date.

Cancellations Policy:

Terms & Conditions for SESSIONS                         

*Please note that there is a $50 cancellation charge if less than 72 hours notice is given for cancellation or postponement. Full fee will be taken as cancellation charge if no-show of client. Grace of 5 minutes will be allowed for late arrival, after which the session would be considered as commenced regardless of what time client arrives. 

Terms & Conditions for WORKSHOPS

Please be advised that fees paid are non refundable/transferable and will be forfeited if a participant is unable to attend any workshop.

We require a minimum of 6 participants and we will re-schedule if there are insufficient students to start a workshop.

Terms & Conditions for SPACE CLEARING

*Please note that there is a 50% cancellation charge if less than 72 hours notice is given for cancellation or postponement. 100% Forfeiture will be taken as cancellation charge if within 24 hours notification by client.

Liability Policy:

Audrey's Wellness is not responsible for any liability, or damage a client may incur while attending a course, reading session, healing session or any of the other services we provide, or as a result of actions taken or misaction, nor do we accept any responsibility for the information imparted in a course, reading, healing or any of the other services we provide. Students and clients must take full personal responsibility for their usage of the information provided.

Refusal Policy:

For the benefit of all of our clients and students and to preserve the peaceful state of our sanctuary, Audrey's Wellness Healing Space, home for the Angelic Guidance, Mystic Rose and Sacred Rose Mystery Schools,  reserve the rights to ask anyone to leave our center or classroom for any reason at any time, if we feel that their presence disrupts the flow and continuity of our workshops. We also reserve the right to stop anyone from entering the premises at any time for any reason, if we feel that their presence disturbs the tranquillity of our sanctuary. And we prohibit the use of any recording device during the sessions or workshops.


Energy-Based Healing is not a replacement for regular medical care, rather it is a wonderful adjunct to it; continue to follow all advice and take all prescriptions as directed by your healthcare professionals. Audrey is not a medical doctor; therefore she cannot diagnose illnesses nor prescribe medications.

The healing practitioner is not a physician and is not licensed by the state. The session serves only as a method of relaxation and stress reduction and the healing services provided by Audrey are non-invasive, safe, and objective.

Any and all information exchanged relating to a treatment is educational in nature and is intended to help the client become more familiar and conscious of their own health status and is to be used at their own discretion.

For reading sessions/consultations, they are offered to provide inspirational, positive insights and do not in any way constitute LEGAL, FINANCIAL, MEDICAL ADVICE. The insights provided are options for the client to take and not rules for them to follow. The client is to be responsible for their own actions and choices through proper discernments and disseminations, following their own free will in any decision making. 

Our practitioners are not responsible for the choices the client makes. 

Psychic Insights are based on images of the future as they are influenced by the events of yesterday and today. And such psychic insights may or may not occur depending on major changes in the progression of events. 

Our services are not a substitute for conventional medical treatment and medications. Any medical issues or concerns should be addressed with a qualified physician. As with all forms of healthcare, individual results vary and are not 100% guaranteed. Some clients may experience detoxification symptoms or releases during the 24-48 hours following a session, which may be somewhat uncomfortable, particularly if a client has been experiencing chronic or heightened levels of stress.

The client undertakes to release the engaged practitioner from any or all liabilities, claims or responsibilities of whatsoever nature that may result from any of client's own future actions, decisions and any consequences thereafter.

By using the services or courses we offer, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

For any queries about terms and information for sessions and courses, please feel free to drop us an email at admin@audrey-wellness.com.

We are dedicated to serve you better!