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($150 per hour)
Need guidance on any area of your life:
  • Career
  • Business
  • Life Purpose
  • Soul Gifts
  • Love & Relationships
  • Health & Healing
  • Education
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Any other topic...
Would like to know about past, present, and future potentials

For face-to-face readings:
Have some questions ready. Come with an open mind.
($150 per hour)
  • Find out about your current and past lives
  • Discover your life purpose
  • Unravel your soul’s gifts and abilities
  • Learn about the lessons your soul has chosen
  • Find out the cause of repetitive patterns in your life
  • Get to know your spirit guides and ascended masters
... this is for you.
You can ask about anything, in fact!
The Akashic Records is a light library of everything and everyone that ever existed. Some cultures know it as the Book of Life. 
You have your own individual records that detail everything about you – your chosen life path, relationships, challenges, and abilities that you have developed from your soul’s evolution.

You may even have accessed your records before but weren’t conscious of it. My role is just to be a conscious instrument as I access your Akashic Records and retrieve whatever I am able (and allowed) to retrieve with regards to your questions.
I offer this as a face-to-face reading or an email reading. I will dig as deep as I can for each question asked.
For face-to-face reading

Have a list of questions ready. Just as you have to know which books you want to find in a vast library, your questions work the same way. It is impossible to cover everything in your records. (Not when we’re in physical form, at least.)
*Please provide your full name at birth.


($150 per hour)

If you want to...

  • Strengthen your feelings of financial security
  • Boost your creativity and express your innermost passions
  • Increase self-confidence and your ability to get things done
  • Give and receive more love in your relationships
  • Be brave enough to speak your truth and be who you really are
  • Enhance your intuition and improve your psychic senses
  • Connect to a higher power and feel a deeper purpose for your life
... this is for you.
I was guided to conceptualise this using specific modalities. You would resonate strongly with at least one of them. They are:
  • Colour:
    • You will be wrapped with the colours associated with each of the chakras.
  • Crystals:
    • The use of Crystals amplifies the healing, as they represent various spiritual energies condensed into their densest form on this physical earth.
  • Sound:
    • I will use specially-made tuning forks, meant to bring each chakra back into balance. These have been tuned to precise frequencies associated with each chakra.
  • Energy Healing:
    • Reiki is the foundational energy that I work with. However, because I also work with only the highest divine beings, they too would channel their energies through me, as I become a clear conduit for them.
  • Symbols of Light:
    • These are living light symbols printed on cards, which will recalibrate your chakras as well as other parts of your body. 
What you will need to do
  • Dress comfortably. You will need to lie down.​
  • Drink some water before the session. Water helps to carry the energies better.​
  • If you are experiencing pain in any part of your body, do inform me so that I can direct healing to that area.


Ashoka is a Singapore-based, International Holistic Practitioner in the fields of Wellness, Spirituality, New Age & Metaphysics.

His journey began in 2005 and today, he is an Usui Reiki Master Practitioner, an Akashic Records Consultant, a Certified Angel Card Reader™️ & Angel Intuitive™️, a Tibetan Mantra Healing Practitioner, and a Munay-Ki Initiate/Instructor.

Ashoka seeks to help people gain more clarity through the readings he does. As Albert Einstein once said, “God always takes the simplest way”, his advice is usually simple and practical.
He believes there are no coincidences, as everything happens for a reason.

Through his spiritual healing, he hopes to reach deep down to the root of a dis-ease, all the while knowing that as a healer, his role is not to heal you, but to help you heal yourself. He believes that wholeness is our birthright, and that most of the time, the reason for illness is that we simply forgot.

As Ram Dass taught, “We are all just walking each other home”, all he wants is to help you reach your highest spiritual potential. And it is with humbleness that he offers his services to you.

 M-W-F 5:00pm-7:00pm

Sat-Sun 2:00-6:00pm

(Please send us a message to check Ashoka’s availability before making payment)

*Extra Charge of $37.50 for every additional 15 mins.

To enquire, call us at 6451-3418 or SMS 8498-7653 during office hours (3-9pm on weekdays, 12-8pm on weekends)

To secure your booking, kindly make payment via-

Paypal (through this link)
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POSB Savings 110-128819

Audrey Agcaoili

or Paynow to-

UEN 53207167X (Audrey’s Wellness)

Do inform us of your payment so that we may register your order immediately.

Thank you!

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